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Welcome to Our Practice
Welcome to our practice and thank you for visiting our Web site. Our patients are very important to us. The service we provide to our patients is equally important. We believe in caring for our patients the "old fashioned" way. We take our time and listen to what you have to say. Communication and understanding are the building blocks to help our patients attain and maintain emotional and physical health.


All of our physicians are Board Certified with specialized training in the field of Gynecology and comprehensive women's health. Dr. Susan Kaufman has been named as a Top Doc for pediatric, adolescent, and adult gynecology in Southern New Jersey for many years.


We have developed this Web site as a way to help educate our patients--to provide a service to you that would not be possible without the technology of the Internet. We hope you enjoy our site and would appreciate your sharing our site with friends and family members.


An Adventure for Our Practice!
To all of our patients, our EMR system will provide new features that will benefit our patients and practice. Some things you will notice right away and some over time, such as automated reminder calls and text messages, a patient portal, faster communication with your primary physician, the ability to send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy and lab, etc.


Access to the Patient Portal:


Instructional Lectures in Office:

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A New Addition to Our Practice

We now have a Quest phlebotomist in our office to assist our patients in getting labs drawn. Hours are as follows and are subject to change without notice, please contact the office if you are planning to come in for lab work.


Monday: 9 am-3:30 pm
Tuesday: 9 am-5 pm
Wednesday: 9 am-3 pm
Thursday: 7:30 am-4pm
Friday: 9 am-4 pm


Management of Mammograms
New Jersey became the 14th state to pass legislation requiring the notification of breast density. All mammography imaging centers in New Jersey are required to provide patients with this additional information regarding their breast density.


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Annual Well Woman Exam/Visit
You may have heard about new recommendations for annual PAP smears. Most women identify their annual exam as the time to have a PAP smear performed. Since the PAP smear was introduced into clinical practice 1941, there has been a marked reduction in deaths from cervical cancer (about 90%).


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Congratulations to doctors Kaufman and Mike's for receiving South Jersey Magazine and SJ magazine top doc awards for women and children.


Susan Kaufman, DO, FACOG

Jodi Benett, DO, FACOOG





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